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When buying a house in Mumbai can be a dream, rental is a reality. Renting a place to stay is a very popular mode of residency especially for those who are coming from outstation and for all those successful young adults.

Renting a place mandates that you register your rental agreement with the governing authority. However, the process can get tedious and cumbersome.

To make the modus operandi simple, Maharashtra's Department of Registration and Stamps has begun an online facility to register rent agreement also called Leave and License Agreement.

LegaLaster is a soughtafter e-registration firm which offers the complete spectrum of registering your apartment.

A government-approved service provider, we at LegaLaster have a pan-India network that facilitates us to come at your doorstep for online registration. We always aim to make the process of rental agreement registration through a smooth and easy process.

We also leverage the new e-initiatives launched by the government and employ advanced technology to make the entire procedure uncomplicated and stress-free for our clients.

It is our forte to draft regular compliance like Rental Agreement Registration, rental for the commercial establishment and many other agreements convenient for you.

We also strive to make all the legal processes easy and obtainable to our customers. Build on the motto of transparency and clarity with our clients we offer excellent services at cost-effective rates. It has been our constant endeavor to upgrade our facilities and deliver the best to our clients.

Advantages of e-registration with LegaLaster:
We come to your doorstep:
We come to your doorstep to register your rental agreement. The landlord or the licensee need not meet at any particular place. They can both remain in their homes and we will come to you both individually to do the online registration.

Pan India presence:

We have a pan India presence. Therefore even if the landlord and the licensee are in different cities the e-registration can be done without any problem.

Qualified and competent team:

We are a team of qualified professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in registering rental agreements.

Affordable fees, quality service:

We deliver on the promise and constantly provide excellent service to our clients at pocket-friendly rates.

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Reason for Error : This error generally comes because of wrong Aadhar No. Solution : Please put the correct Aadhar Number in Party Details
Reason : Windows Update Solution : Install Webapi 32 bit or 64 bit available on Secugen Website
Reason : Windows Update Solution : Start Menu -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level -> Enable all options and Disable "Only allow approved Domains"
Reason : some scripts are getting blocked. Solution : Make payment through Google Chrome, when undefined message comes, at the address bar, please click on - sign and click i trust this script.
1. Please note stamp duty payment should be made immediately within 24 hours after the Verification of any of the Party in the File whichever is First. Else the same gets rejected as per Section 17 of Stamp Duty Act.
2. Verification of Aadhar in efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg works only in Internet Explorer 9 or above. However, data entry and submission can be done in other Speedy Browsers also.
3. Secugen Pro 20 is the only device till now supported by IGR website. For any devices Issue, please contact their Andheri East office.
Reason : Either Thumb of your client is not matching or Secugen Device needs Key rotation Solution : Ask your client to wash / rinse the hands with Soap and apply some powder or vaseline.
Please check with other clients Verification is properly done or not and if not please follow the below steps :
1. Go to My Computer -> c:/Program Files(x86)/Secugen/RD Service/sgirdclient.exe
2. Then Click Rotate Keys and Activate Device one by one.